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Launching the Terminal app from Xcode on OS X with System Integrity Protection

If you occasionally use Xcode to create command line tools or applications, chances are that you’ve set up a scheme to launch those applications in the Terminal app from within Xcode, something like this: You then pass your app as … Continue reading

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A simple JavaScript singleton pattern

There are a number of different approaches that can be taken to creating singleton patterns in JavaScript – this one is both simple and effective and supports lazy initialisation. The following code shows typical usage of constructor functions:

#1: … Continue reading

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More Flexibility with Magnets in Omnigraffle

Like a lot of Mac users I’m a big fan of the Omni Group’s Omnigraffle. One of the areas where Omnigraffle really excels over other diagramming software is in its handling of connections. Connections, which are so often a source … Continue reading

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