OS X Games from the Ground Up (Volume 2): Index

This index explains what you’ll learn in each part of volume 2 of OS X Games from the Ground Up. It also includes download links for the starter files for each part of the project. This makes it easier for you to start, or restart, at a particular point without having to work through from the beginning. To start at any post other than the beginning, download the starter files from the link that is immediately before the post you want to start from.

Note that volume 2 assumes you are familiar with:

  • C variables and data types (including pointers)
  • Decision structures with if… then… else… and switch
  • Loops using while, do …. while and for
  • C functions (including passing arguments to a function and returning values from a function)
  • The main function
  • How to construct simple command line programmes in Xcode

If you are new to any of these topics, you might want to take a look at the index for volume one and start with one of the posts from that volume.


  • Introducing the game we will be creating: Hexapawn

There are no starter files from this part.

Hexapawn – BASIC programme

  • Source code for the programme to be converted: HEXAPAWN.BAS

There are no starter files from this part.

Introducing the NCurses Library

  • Planning a text-based user interface
  • Linking additional libraries in Xcode
  • Using the NCurses library for text-based interfaces
  • Initialising and closing NCurses
  • Sending output to stdscr in NCurses
  • Creating NCurses windows
  • How windows are redrawn
  • Using the panels library to add z-order to windows

Starter files from the end of Introducing the NCurses Library: introducing_ncurses

Building a User Interface with NCurses(1)

  • Creating new C and header files in Xcode
  • Why we use header files
  • Multiple levels of indirection

Starter files from the end of Building a User Interface with NCurses(1): user_interface_1

Coming soon … Building a User Interface with NCurses(2)

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