Breadboard Arduino Compatible

Official Arduino boards are pretty cheap, but another option is to assemble your own with a few cheap components and a breadboard. Of course the great thing about a breadboard Arduino compatible, apart from saving you a few quid, is that you can tinker with the board itself, as well as the stuff you connect to it.

There’s a visual guide to creating one from scratch on the Arduino site:

Building an Arduino on a breadboard

And if you don’t want to hunt around or buy all the components separately there are kits of parts available. Maker Shed have one called the MintDuino:

MintDuino from Maker Shed

for which there’s also a book:

MintDuino Book

If you’re in the UK and you don’t want to pay the international mailing charges on the MintDuino, oomlout also have neat little kit:

Breadboard Arduino Compatible kit from oomlout

This one looks more complex than it actually is because they use 0 ohm resistors as jump wires. One other word of warning about this kit – in the version I received there was a minor difference between the circuit shown in the assembly guide and the layout shown on the breadboard overlay. That aside, it’s pretty simple to build and you can have a working prototyping board in 30 minutes. Here’s a timelapse video of mine being assembled.

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