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A portrait of Laurence ScotfordHi,

By day I earn a crust as a freelanceĀ learning technologist. What’s that? In a nutshell, I design and create online learning solutions for lots of different organisations. Whenever they need to train their people using web-based courses, I sit down and talk to the people at their end who know their stuff. I extract all that goodness from their brains (it’s really not as painful as it sounds), and then turn it into digestible learning for everybody else who needs to know it.

My skills in this field include learning design, games design, concept art, digital prototyping and programming.

But that’s all by the by – because that’s just a tiny fraction of what interests me – my other interests extend to digital electronics, microcontrollers, robotics, and the Internet of Things. This blog is about that and all the rest. During my remaining waking hours I work on a variety of projects that intrigue me.

I needed somewhere to record my musings and efforts related to all these different things that are important in my life, failures as well as successes. This blog is it. It serves as a handy archive for me, but if there are occasional bits and pieces here that also interest you, or which you find useful, then I’ll be most pleased.

So welcome to this small window into my brain. If you enjoy rummaging through the junk at car boot sales in search of treasure, then you’ll like it here. If that sounds like your idea of hell then… run! šŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by,


PS I’m always on the look out for new and interesting opportunities. If you want to know more, or think you might like me to work on a project with you, please feel free to contact me: info[at]laurencescotford.co.uk.

The image on this page was created by processing a photo in Adobe PhotoShop Touch on the iPad.

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